hi! i was just wondering if there r any BTS, BLACKPINK (or kpop in general) fans out there. if so i would love to meet u!

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Hello! :blush::wave:
I do listen to a lot of Asian music, including K-pop. Not really into BTS unfortunately, although I listened to Boy With Luv quite a bit when it first came out. However, I don’t really listen to it now because I’ve discovered too many other K-pop songs I am more obsessed with.
I do like Blackpink but only two songs from them because I’m very picky with music! :sweat_smile: Don’t Know What To Do and You Never Know are the two songs I like, they’re on my Playlists and I listen to them a lot.
Other groups and bands I like several or more songs from are CLC, Twice, GOT7, LUCY, IU, Wonder Girls, SHINee, Lovelyz, Momoland, AKMU, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, April, ONEWE, Everglow, DAY6, Weeekly, SSAK3, WJSN…
There’s more but that’s already a long list. Basically if you want to talk about K-pop or you want recommendations please feel free to send me a message and we can chat!


I am not into that.

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I do listen asian music but mostly rock.