Buy one of soundcore flare 2 or buy 2 of flare 1 .. same price!

in my country , the price of soundcore flare 2 same as the price of 2 of flare 1 or 2 of flare mini …

so, what is the best choice :slight_smile:



It will depend on a few things…

How big of a room are you planning to use them in? Is a reasonable size room, I know @chiquinho would advocate for two flare minis. They pair well using TWS, so you will have really good stereo sound. Downside is you can only pair two together, and only with the flare minis.

If you are looking to have in multiple rooms, and not too far apart, the flare 2s would be what I’d suggest. They pair with partycast, which can be fidddly… but you can pair with other partycast speakers like the soundcore mini 3 or even the bigger speakers. I have 3 of the flair 2s (Costco had a great deal in Canada - 119 for 2). Downside is they don’t have stereo sound, you get same sound of out each speaker.

I also noticed that pairing with the soundcore mini 3 that the sound wasn’t near as good as with just the flare 2s.

Soooo… long windedly, I would say it will come down to preference.

If just looking for one room, then I’d suggest the flare minis. If looking for possible future expansion, than I’d suggest the flare 2.

Keep an eye on the weekly giveaways as well, as sometimes there are a flare mini or a soundcore mini 3 up for prizing, and I believe the winner can be international.

Welcome to the community, hope you find it fun here!

Where are you from?


That’s it, exactly. :grinning:
I do great with TWS paired Flare mini and/or Flare.
The room I use these is ca 20 sqm.
A really sufficient loudness is ca 30% for me.
But may be depends on the music listened to. :laughing:

For “halls” the Rave models would be a better choice, I suppose.
But, never tested, no need, no use here in my little office.
No"halls" in the tiny house here. :laughing:


Thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: from Egypt

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Thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

In my opinion, the most profitable option is to buy 2 x Flare.
See the comparison:

Greetings to Egypt from Poland :slightly_smiling_face:!


Thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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prices in my country…
flare mini 27$
flare 2 57$

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Nice deal. Thanks for sharing! :+1:


so your opinion 2 of mini or 1 of flare 2

Those are really good prices. Are you wanting to use in more than just one room? I.e. different size rooms?

The flare 2 has a bit more power, 2 x 10 W vs 2 x 5 W on the mini.

Both have really good battery life, and the flare 2 has integration in with the app.

So based on you pricing, I’d suggest the 2 x - flare 2. This would allow for more in the future.

In Canada the flare two is over $100 for 1, and the mini is currently in the $60 range.


It depends really on what you want.

We told you about the usage.

1 room -> 2 Flares/minis (TWS)
Multi room -> Flare + (Partycast)

Of course you can start with one speaker of the model you will go for.
But dont forget Flare+ and/or Flare/Flare mini can can be connected.
If you go for 2 Flare minis or Flare (TWS) its better than one Flare 2 from the price.


thank you so much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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thank you so much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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can i connect flare 2 with flare mini

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No sadly you cannot. Can only connect flare mini to another flare mini.

The flare 2s can pair to other flare 2s, soundcore mini 3s, and bigger speakers from the rave series.


ok… it is clear now … Thanks :heart::heart:

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No, we mentioned that.
But the Flare 2 can pair with other soundcore speakers using that partycast mode.

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Thanks :heart_eyes:
last question… i know that flare mini has microphone , what about flare 2, is it has

You know, I’ve never really checked… I can do so with both tonight when I get home.

I assume so, but will confirm.