Buzz sound when noise cancelling is on (life q35)

when i plug my headphones into the laptop using the original jack cable and i turn the noise cancelling on i can hear a noise from the left earcup like when you plug a speaker in and hear that bzzzzzzzz .The noise cancelling works as normal but that sound doesn’t stop . This happens only when the headphones have the jack in and the noise cancelling is on if i use them on bluetooth there is no problem .

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I’d suggest the jack / plug aren’t seated properly.

The feedback you are hearing is likely due to the plug in on the cable not making proper and sufficient contact with the jack.

The Q35s cable I believe is 4 pole, and perhaps the jack on your laptop is only 3? 3 pole of left / right and ground. 4 pole introduces mic input.

Maybe make sure the plug in on both the headphones and laptop are seated and good and retry?

Let us know if you meet with success :slightly_smiling_face:

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I've been trying anything but in the end nothing fixed it .

My laptop jack has mic/audio but the headphones microphone doesn't work . I've plugged them into my phone turned on the noise cancelling and there is no buzz sound I believe that the problem is from my laptop . In the end there is no problem with the headphones just with my laptop . Thank you for your advice and

Happy New Year !

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Hm, another idea, may be redundant.
Have you cleaned the AUX socket of your laptop, so its really free of debris and dust?

It has been a bit but I though most of the headphones “turned off” when connected to say a laptop or such devices. I had the q35 but let my son use a couple of devices for college. If I get a chance, I will try to test that here soon.

I’ve been trying the headphones with the noise cancelling on while connected to the aux on different laptops and the problem persisted . That means there is most probably a problem on the headphones software.
I will wait and see if there will be any updates .

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same here with your problem. I can hear the buzz more louder when NC on. I tried all the positions with the jack but still hearing the voice

At first, I had the same noise, like a 60 Hz noise, when plugged, but now, I hear the same noise when is connected via Bluetooth. It’s only when NC is active.
According to the App, firmware is up to date.

ANC always makes some noise.

I don’t really notice this but to be fair I normally use them in Normal Mode. When I’m listening to music, I usually don’t hear outside noise. If I’m not listening to music, I’m normally not wearing them.