[CA] life Q30s on deal on amazon,ca $89.99

Seems like soundcore Oprah has blessed those in Canada with an opportunity to get the Q30s at a discount…

Listed $109.99
Coupon of $20

Nets out to $89.99

Although this isn’t the lowest seen price of late… its close to half price of the Q35s (which now show as available in CA).

Amazon link out


Lol. You get headphones and you get headphones. Bhahaha


I didn’t know Oprah ran Amazon :rofl::rofl:

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Good price in Canada but better shopping in Europe :joy:.

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Well she has to do something with all her spare time and no talk show… I think her and George are buddies… :rofl:

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Thanks for posting , but for this deal, I think we have it better in the USA.

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Nice deal for Canada @TheSnarkyOne

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