[CA] life Q30s on sale $89.99 on soundcore site Ltd time deal

Yep, they do be on sale…

Not a bad deal, and if you have a coupon from here, I think it may work…:thinking:

$109.99 listed

$89.99 sale price


pretty nice deal for sure any idea how limited the limited time deal is?
Also when you say a coupon from here do you mean redeeming notes for a coupon because I did think they could be stacked on a current discount

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Thanks for sharing.
:thinking: I noticed there is a “gift card” option, but it’s probably not the same as a “promotional coupon”…

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Yes, I meant if you exchanged notes for a coupon here. Bummer if they can’t be used on a sale item…

Not sure as to how long as it didn’t say on their website.

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