Call hangups on Life A2 NC+

Whenever I make a call, and I am using my Life A2 NC+ earbuds, they will hang up my call within a few minutes of initiating the call. I use them for music regularly with no issues, but can’t use them at all anymore for calls. They are on firmware 05.09. I have reset them by opening the case and then holding the button on the bottom. After repairing them with my phone, I get the same result.


I don’t suppose you have another phone that you could try and pair them with? That may help narrow things down further.

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Using with android or iOS?

If Android, perhaps a privacy issue w/ sharing / access to the mic?

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S21+ on Android 12

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You could try another phone to find out if there is the same issue.

Sounds abnormal. Check them with another phone if you can. Contact soundcore by emai if problem persists

I’d say, check your Bluetooth settings for the earbuds, and see if it’s set to be phone audio is checked,

I’m on iOS, and it’s a bit different, but I have choices like car audio, speaker, headset.

Restart the phone as well.

I have had issues making calls before and resetting the phone fixed it as sometimes the phone does not get turned off and issues can be encountered in the phones as well.

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@Duane_Lester a reset has not helped.
@TheSnarkyOne I don’t have the option to specify device type.

I will try it on an iPhone this weekend.

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You have to also wipe Bluetooth cache.

This sequence exactly:

Turn phone Bluetooth off.
Delete the phone pairing.
Plug power into case, keep it plugged in.
Follow reset instructions. Then wait a minute at least, the steps below is about a minute.
Boot phone into recovery (search how).
Wipe cache. Don’t wipe data (that’s a phone reset).
Phone Bluetooth on.
You can now remove case power.

See if better.

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Any settings for privacy that maybe are in conflict?

Sorry not much ability to assess more.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the Life A2 NC+ to try out. I just have the Life A2 NC, and haven’t had any issues with them yet (I use an iPhone for calls).

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