Call Quality Q30

Music quality and volume are great, but call audio volume is barely there. Sounds like Lieutenant Hooks whispering in your ear. iPhone 10 and Q30’s are on the latest firmware. Received headphone 04/27/2021. Both have been reset and repaired numerous times.

OMG !!! i buy a ready now wait for receive !

There are two setting in your BT… One should be audio and call. Turn off audio and turn on call and see how that does.

Audio for music and call is for phone calls. If call is off turn it on. This is usually what happens for users when they use these for Zoom meetings as they have the audio on and not the call option.

I do not use most earbuds for calls right now but this is a potential option your calls sounding bad.

iOS doesn’t have those features you mention, it uses “car, headphone, hearing aid and other”. Regardless, whilst switching from playing music to an incoming voice phone call, the incoming audio from the voice call is all but muted. Outgoing volume to the other end of the voice call is at a normal volume as stated by the person on the other end of the conversation. These are also paired to only one device.