Call sound shifted to the left (Life A1)


when I use my new Life A1 buds for calling the caller sound is more in my left ear than in my right.

  • When I listen to music I have perfect stereo sound
  • I’m using a Samsung S9
  • When I use another headset the sound is perfectly in the middle

How can I solve this?


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Could be when you receive a call that it changes from stereo mode to hands free mode.

I’m on iOS, so not sure I can provide a specific solution… however I can try a call later today and see if have similar with my air 2 pros.

Only other thing I can think of, not knowing android devices well, is if you have a setting for balance somewhere in your phone for calls?

Otherwise they work well for music and non call application?

I’ll edit in the reply towards the end of day today.
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I tried a couple calls with both earbuds in, and call sounded centred.

So I wonder if your balance on your phone maybe shifted in the sound settings?

Otherwise, might be good idea to send of a request to service.

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