Can i get firmware? Soundcore infini pro sound bar

I am using this product. However, it is very uncomfortable when changing channels or sometimes there is no sound. If there is a firmware for this inconvenience, can I get it? I hope solve this problem. Help me.

Infini Pro is a compatible product with Soundcore App so I’m assuming you can get firmware update on the app. You can download it on your phone from App Store.

Next, you connect the soundbar with bluetooth using settings app of your phone and once connected, go to Soundcore app and find infini pro. From there it should be pretty straightforward. Hope that helps

you could also contact support and they will most likely email you the firmware update if there is one and how to download it

Infini pro soundbar have to manual update by usb memory When infini pro update.
Soundcore app is only remote. T.T

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Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us at and we’ll send you a firmware file to try.