Can i leave my motion boom on

I want to know if I can leave my motion boom on while I’m sleeping to listen to soft music, will doing it kills the battery faster or will it be fine. -thank you

Normally, charge cycles are effected by discharge depth. You can set a alarm on the paired device and the speaker will auto-turn off after 30 minutes when it is no audio signal input.


Batteries are killed through a few causes.

  • Use. So lots of discharges and recharges. About 300-500 depth cycles are typical battery capability, so if you fully discharged it and recharged it once a day, it would begin to die around time just after end of warranty. If you discharged it say half full and recharged, then that’s double the lifespan. Or put another way, if you used it as it’s intended, it will highly likely not fail in warranty.
  • Non-use, if you store it unused for a long time (months, to a year+) then it will oxidise and be hard to use afterwards. Storing it about half to 2/3rds charged reduce this problem. I very much doubt a buyer of such a product would not then use it for months, but for example these outdoor speakers tend to be used more in summer so in winter you may want to store it half to 2/3rd charged.
  • Heat and cold. So left out in strong sunshine for long periods or allowed to freeze outside in winter for long periods. So store in room temperatures (e.g. in a living room in a draw).

Given these are all extremes, it would be hard for you to kill the product’s batteries before you outlived your use of the product for other reasons.

All of my Soundcore / Anker products have lasted at least 4 years, and began to die in battery around 5-7 years. e.g. I have a Nano over 5 years old still working.

What I do is use the battery only when battery is required, and keep plugged in when power is available and use.

So I have the Motion+ as my nearest equivalent to the Motion Boom and if I’m using it in a static location near power for long periods I just keep it plugged in (to not use many of the depth cycles), then when not using it, unplug it, and when I’m moving around / away from power then I let the battery run down. I’d be surprised the battery died before I outgrew the product.

If I outgrow a product, like a speaker, such as a better one comes along, as then that would cause non-use, I either keep the older one as a backup/spare and store part-charged, or more typically I gift it to someone who can get more benefit than I, they then would use it more and so the original intention of bringing joy keeps going with another.

Alright thank you for the response.