Can I pair a Soundcore Icon Mini and a Soundcore Mini 2 for Stereo?

Recently bought a Soundcore Icon Mini. Was wondering if this can be paired with another Soundcore Mini 2 for stereo sound as was looking to buy a Mini 2.


Icon Mini can only pair with the identical Icon Mini.


Sad. If I may ask: which one is better for stereo: Icon Mini or the Mini 2?

(considering overall audio quality, stereo separation, and the fact that both speaker types fire audio with different directional nature)

Usage: Videos/Movies + Music (Not just music)

Be aware the Icon Mini has reports it can only pair with identical versions, reports only the same firmware same colour etc. You cannot be assured at purchase they will work together despite claims. If you bought another Icon Mini risk they won’t pair.

If you can free return then it’s just risk of time effort, avoid those places without free return, if you buy try for identical everything (colour, shop / warehouse).

I have the Mini 2 and Icon Mini, one of each. Personally I prefer the Icon Mini because it directs sound to the front rather than to nowhere (up) but others will have different view.

Reminder again: be doubtful you’ll get pairing to work, either don’t buy or be ready to return.

Get something with partycast if you have the choice in the future. No stereo, but broad based pairing with anything that supports partycast - for identical audio in each location.

At home, that is something which can be easily achieved with Google Home speakers anyway. For bluetooth speakers I would prefer to have stereo or just buying a bigger speaker.

This is just sad to hear. I think I will have to start looking elsewhere. I am on the same boat as you when it comes to audio direction; that also being the main reason I got the Icon Mini.
But the considering the issues with stereo pairing you just mentioned, I think I will entirely skip the thought of having true wireless bluetooth speakers for now. :frowning:

Move into something like party cast the sound will deliver delicious rich sound and u will not notice thats its not in stereo. Plus u can add more of the same up to 100 of the same speakers!