Can I stop the colon in the time from flashing?

How do I get the colon in the time to stop flashing?

If I cannot get it to stop flashing, can you please make that an option in your next firmware update?

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@Ashleymarie0617 Maybe you can help since you own a Wakey as far as I know.

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Honestly I have no idea I’ve been playing with the buttons all morning and on the app when I seen this. I don’t think you can… if you happen to figure out a way tho lmk !

Other people have asked this as well and none of us have figured out how.
We are hopeful that a firmware update will come out allowing for these changes

Presume you are referring to the Wakey here?

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I agree that flashing is a problem on anything designed to be in a bedroom, and that ought to be an option.

Yes, it is a Wakey.

Soundcore, sounds like a request you should consider for an update. Other than that flashing colon, I love the Wakey. I would love to be able to recommend it without any reservations.

I agree on the need to stop the flashing colon. Here’s what I wrote in a suggestion forum. on that topic.


The blinking colon on the time display is annoying. Essentially it changes the light levels in a darkened room 60 times a minute.

The blinking offers nothing. How often are you timing something in your bedroom that requires seconds to be counted off? And if you need to, you have your phone.

Is the blinking light there to indicate that it’s working? The fact that the clock displays at all is proof enough that it works. If you can see the time, you can see it’s working. It’s not like you have to see the blinking to know that the clock is working, right?

It reminds me of the blinking clocks on VCRs in the 1980s and 1990s.

Boo Hiss on the blinking colon!

Maybe this can be addressed in a firmware update.