Can I Use Earhooks with the Life A3i?


I just got the Life A3i. The sound is great, but they keep falling out, especially when I’m exercising. Will earhooks fit on them ? If so, is there any special model of earhook, or are generic earhooks fine ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If they do not come with them then they were not designed for them. I think most.earbuds that soundcore has them for are larger earbuds.

I know the sport series are their newer sport buds or the spirit is their older series designed for more sweat type (spirit should be found a lot cheaper too)

Thanks for the reply. Ear hooks are not just the tip, but they go around the back of the ear as well. I believe that there are generic ear hooks not made specif

You are correct… I was just saying that I do not think Soundcore has any special earhook and of the earhooks for their other buds, it probably would not fit it per say…

As far as generic, it would be a hit or miss as depending on what you would like but I have not used any.

The spirit line was mentioned as to if you are spending a little on earhooks, you may be able to find a decent sweat proof pair from their older models… but that seems to be a wash now as I did a quick search on a couple and in my short term search none of the pairs, I searched seems available for sale…thus all may be discontinued…


Thanks a lot again for trying to help. The buds keep falling out, especially when I’m exercising. It’s happened with every bud I’ve tried, not just the Soundcores. But, tbh, it’s driving me a bit crazy.

We have heard other stories of folks with different ear sizes and such. I had gave my brother at least 2 earbuds and it ended up both times that those devices hurt his ears. I had some Beats that made my ears hurt as well.

I do think a few of the earbuds are more specific toward working out and do have the earwings or hook (such as the Sport x10 or you may can find the spirit x2 somewhere)

If you do find a good earhook to use then let us know as there may be others that could use it as well.

Ok Thanks again for all the help.