Can Nigerians also enter for Giveaways and where can we buy Anker items genuinely

Hi am a new member and was attracted by the many reviews of the soundcore liberty pro 2, I have entered for some of the giveaways and would like to know if we that are located in Nigeria can also get rewards.
We also don’t have resellers in Nigeria

  1. Yes, Nigerians can enter the giveaway as it is a worldwide competition.

  2. AliExpress sells anker products, and they might ship to Nigeria…

Thanks for the info but shipping taxes and mishandling of items are a problem with shipping from AliExpress that’s why I want a domestic reseller or store

Hmm, I have no idea what stores are in Nigeria, or if they would carry anker products.

Stores like Walmart, bestbuy, target, and kohl’s all sell anker products- if you have any of those in Nigeria.

You’re best bet would be to buy a large amount of products, to minimize shipping costs.

If you can get a few friends to go together and each buy a few items, it would be an easy way to get cheaper shipping.

No Walmart,bestbuy or Target most of my friends are not tech heads we don’t have access to good TWS here all we get are Chinese replicas with bad audio that’s why I wanna try and win the liberty 2 pros so that I can have people test at my store and build a market for myself with Anker since there is no major reseller in Nigeria.

According to Anker certified distributors in Nigeria, an another distributor is called O&O gadgets


I need to contact their marketing team

Thanks been in contact with them they don’t have new products and most of the prices are genuine