Can someone help me out with this please?

So I’ve been having these issues on and off for about a year now, where my right earbud won’t charge. I’ve always had my fair share of issues with my right earbud, mainly because it’s the one I use 24/7 but recently this has gotten to the point where I can’t charge it even by bypassing it, what I mean is using wires to charge it which would usually work. I’ve tried taking apart the case and testing the right side prongs with the left earbud which worked just fine. As well as using the left side prongs (which work just fine) to charge it which didn’t work, so the case isn’t the problem. I’ve even tried cleaning both sets of prongs with some Isopropyl Alcohol (91%) along with the pads on the right earbud to no avail. I should also mention that if I go to press and hold or just tap the side to turn it on it very dimly and quickly blinks red then white and a second or two later blinks white.

Can someone please help me with this? I’m really loving these and don’t really have the money to buy new ones.


So I’ve been told that I should contact support/warranty since they’re not that far out of warranty. Which I did, I just got the email back and their saying that there’s nothing they can do since their out of warranty. (Which I figured they would)

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I love your creative ways to try to fix and diagnose your problem.

This looks like your right bud has hardware failure.

The only thing you not mentioned you tried is a reset. With the case plugged into power, put buds in an leave for a while, say an hour, then while case still connected to power, perform the reset. The case being powered may be what can kick the right bud back into a reset if it had got confused.

Good luck.


Thanks! I forgot to mention that I had tried a reset but hadn’t had it plugged it or anything. I’ll certainly try this tomorrow as I’m way too tired right now. Thanks again!

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Tried it without the left earbud in the case (as I don’t wanna set it up and pair again) and the right earbud had no response nor behavior changes whatsoever. Thanks again!!

This may be a longshot, but have you tried updating the firmware?

If you’ve had them less than 18 months you should qualify under warranty too. Might be able to get it replaced?

Update it as in through the app? If so, I can’t because I can’t even get it to stay on long enough to see if there is any updates available. However my left earbud still works and it doesn’t have a update available so I doubt it’s that.

As all other mentioned.write to the support.
If the buds are warranty you might get help.
Tell them what you have already done.
(Seem, you have done all which is possible, so far)
Don’t forget to add all informations you have (date of purchase, bills, modell numbers etc.)

I checked last night and their 2 months past the Limited Warranty (February 23, 2021)

I’ve had them for 20 so I can’t. (February 23, 2021)

Reach out anyway; they may be able to assist.


Since it’s so close you might get lucky.


Thanks, will do!

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Just submitted it!