Can Spirit X2 earbuds be used with this app?

Can this app be used with Spirit X2 earbuds? I would like to be able use equalizer if I were to purchase these earbuds.

  1. I do not have but I am about 50/50 in saying no. I do not think spirit types were in the app.

  2. They changed the app and you can not get a sense of it now. Most product should give info on app support

Anyone can go look first before purchase without having to ask someone else.

Install the app, add device, manually add, then look at all the products.

If you don’t see it anywhere then you’ve got your answer.

Then go into each section and look. Then you’ll know.

A word of warning, Soundcore is currently going through some older products and doing a hardware upgrade, often same product code and name sometimes saying “upgraded” so some buds which weren’t with app support may get. The way to know is the product listing will mention app support, something else you can do to look for yourself.

@Becker042003 I have closed your other thread as it was a duplicate.

@The_Professor I agree to do the search can do it. Go to the product description and see what it has on app support. As stated a time or two with some hardware upgrades to have app support (thus the 50/50 potential as I had never heard of any Spirit earbuds being app supported).

I did go to Amazon and it does not look to have it.

I find that if it has Spirit as part of its name that it is not app supported, or if you hear that it has hearid then it will have