Can the Liberty Air 2 Pro (or others) pair earbuds separately like the Life P2?

Hey everybody! I tried to search the forums for an answer on this but didn’t find it so here we are. I used the Life P2s for years and recently decided to treat myself and get something newer/nicer. So far though with the LA2P I have been more frustrated than satisfied.

One of my favorite features of the Life P2 was that if you did the right series of actions, you could pair only one earbud to a device and not the other. So I would pair the right earbud to my phone and the left earbud to my computer. I have to bounce back and forth between the two and this made it super easy since all I had to do was pick up the correct earbud first for what I wanted to connect to.

Now enter the fancy LA2P. I love the sliding case, but the fact that it pairs when the case opens completely ruins how I want to be able to use them. And clicking a button on the case to switch to a different device is a huge pain. I’ve tried to dance between the buds in the pairing process to get them to only pair one bud or the other, but I seem to not have found the right pattern of flashing lights down inside the case to get what I want.

To clarify, I am not talking about “multiple device” connect simultaneously, just the ability to treat the buds as separate bluetooth devices for pairing. So then my questions, if all this made sense:

  • Is there a way to do what I’m trying to do with the LA2P?
  • If not, do the Life P3’s work the way I want and I should switch to those?
  • Am I out of luck on new tech with better microphones and should just enjoy the Life P2 for the next decade?

Thank you for your time!

(P.S. I’ve also tried all 9 pairs of silicone tips with the LA2P and my ears still hurt, so might be out of luck there anyways)

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Yes, I believe you can…

I did similar with my liberty 2 pros, and should be able to do similar with yours, or the P3s. Not that I have tried with either of those though.

If you try and find success, or more frustration, please let me know.

From what I know using the LA2 you can use one side of the pair for one device (I usually take my right earbud out the case and just leave the left in the case and it only goes through my right one). The only way I know to pair different sides to different devices is to reset one earbud so it acts as 2 different pairs and not one. It would be a lengthy process though as you can’t pair just one earbud to the app, you have to have both earbuds to add a new pair to the app. Sorry if I’m not making a lot of sense I’m just having a hard time thinking today.
Hope this helps!

Liberty 2 Pro’s have 2 pairings.

Liberty Air 2 is a different device than the pro, so not sure if it works the same way. But I’ll try a bit more given this feedback in case you meant the LA2P :slight_smile:

Also a different device than the Liberty Air 2 Pro… which pairs from the case so doesn’t have two different device pairing like maybe the Liberty 2 Pro does.

It seems the Liberty Air 2 Pros are different than everything else. Does the Liberty 2 Pro set pair when you open the case or when you remove either bud from the case? the LA2P does it on opening the case, so I can’t do these usual tricks of taking only a certain earbud out at different times.

I was talking about the Liberty Air 2’s. As I have never owned the Pro version, I’m just going off my knowledge and how mine work.

The liberty 2 pros have 2 buds that can pair (one and an L) so that maybe why they can do the cheat for multipoint.

I’ll see if I can figure out the LA2Ps this week and get back to you.