Can you connect flare and flare 2 together

I can’t get my flare to connect to flare 2

The original Flare doesn’t have PartyCast, so unfortunately you can’t connect it to a Flare 2 for simultaneous playback :pensive:

No, not possible unfortunately. They use a different pairing setup. Hopefully everything new will have partycast, which supports cross speaker type pairing. But the older stuff only works with identical speaker pairs.

So, stereo pairing doesn’t work ?

@Ice @blktdavis

Nope - no Stereo Pairing… There is a detailed discussion with responses from @galaxy.zhang

For the record, I’ve seen and heard Flare and Flare+ play together in stereo, someone had paired two demo units at a store. The salesman was surprised, didn’t know it was possible.

Thats magic!
Can not test, no Flare + and no magic wand! :laughing:

Flare and Flare+ can Stereo Pair, this works.

Flare Series a unique series, some of these can Stereo Pair :sunglasses:

  • Flare Mini can Stereo Pair to Flare.
  • Flare can Stereo Pair to Flare+
  • Flare Mini can Stereo Pair with Flare+
  • But Flare / Flare Mini / Flare+ CANNOT pair in any way natively with Flare 2, since the hardware does not support Stereo nor PartyCast (in its current version / edition, future may hold some solution :wink:)

Good to know!
So Flare mini should pair with Flare +
(mathematical conclusion) :wink:


Yes, it can!!

Flare Mini can pair with Flare+…

Missed to add it to the list earlier (added now)

Interesting list. That is a little random, but good to know.