Can you only enter the raffle once?

Can you only enter the raffle once?
I can’t enter it multiple times even though it says “You can enter the raffle this many times”

You have to purchase tickets in order to enter more than 1 time. Use your exchange notes to buy additional tickets

It says I have six giveaway tickets?

Does it still not let you use those tickets for the giveaway?

Still doesn’t work.:thinking:
I can’t higher or lower the ticket amount it is stuck on zero after I entered once.

I am getting the same thing as well. I believe that it is capped on certain ones and will probably allow for more entries when we get a little further into the life of the community.

@Loz Lawrence can you weigh in on this? Please and thank you

Pretty sure you can only enter once for this drawing. It will probably be different for other ones.

The wording does seem to cut both ways but I think it’s only a 1 ticket entry max…hopefully @Loz can confirm?

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Interesting, I entered once but had to tickets available.

Have you tried different browsers. I know that some browsers may not let you log in with say using your Facebook account but others will not or some tweak that is needed for a particular browser setting that is causing the issue. Plus where I work, I have found that sometimes it could be a compatibility issue as they try to use the older IE with web pages that have updated pages. But as stated it may be a one and done type of raffle.

Can you enter the giveaway multiple times?

It’s a pity these are only US only - the t-shirt would go well in my collection beside the Anker one.


Finally see where you are at. I find this to be hard to find until I have bookmarked it. Lol

@louise.han let’s make sure we increase the number of giveaway tickets people can use when entering a giveaway :slight_smile: so that they can increase their own chances if they want to.

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@loz any chance of opening it for other countries as well ?

I kind of like the idea that no one can hit it with a whole bunch of entries - one entry per person can be a “fair” choice that levels the playing field between newbies and the most active. Not for every drawing, but worth doing for some of them.

That’s how I feel as well. But also it kind of takes away from saving up to be able to really give yourself a chance for something you want. If it is 1 entry only, it will just be the same thing each week with everyone entering.

Idk if you noticed, but they bumped it up to 5 entries per week

Did they really? I tried the other day and only got the 1 to go. I appreciate the info