Can you trust your ears

@Duane_Lester You closed my thread with Christmas wishes to everyone. You criticize us for creating nonsensical threads. You created the thread yourself without any comment by posting the link to the recording. Moderator! It really hurts!

Despite everything Merry Christmas !

  1. If you have an issue, you should send me DM next time if you need to talk.


These are the nonsensical threads that I know that I may criticize. For the most part, I do not know of me criticizing any threads other than these kind

  1. I did not close your thread outright it was merged and due to that your thread was closed. There was 3rd Merry Christmas out there. I took the earliest and kept that one. Please let me know how many threads of Merry Christmas will be appropriate and which ones I should keep or merge. I can not pick and choose. By the way, I am really following what is done over from Anker.

  2. There has been several threads where nothing was said or done with no comments. I know some from LUM or others that said I like this song and I did nothing to those. I do not think I had said you needed comments with a video. I think most times comments that are made are new users or spam as stated in 2

  3. The truth is I feel that I try to treat all the same no better or worse. I also feel that I have tried to defend all when necessary. I also feel I have really been more laid back and just figure people could comment appropriately to each other. I have had a few times, I was close to giving out warning but decide otherwise.