Cannot Connect SoundCore Arc to Samsung Note20

Cannot Connect SoundCore Arc to Samsung Note20 (the Note20 can connect to another device, except this). This device can connect to Samsung Note9

Man this is a blast from the past.

My son had these and then I had them. They were not a bad earbuds.

Technically it should be able to connect to the earbuds. Unsure why not. This was going to be the first suggestion but I also found this on the net for you.

Why won’t my Galaxy S20 connect to Bluetooth?

Clear the Bluetooth cache

To do that, navigate to Settings > Apps and find Bluetooth. Tap Clear cache. Restart your device again. Now try pairing your S20 with a Bluetooth device

Following your suggest, I check all apps & there is no “Bluetooth” named apps. Already update the OS & restart phone but the problem still occur.

Until I suspect an apps that always appear after pairing accessories, such “Smart Things”. Clear its cache then try to pair with SoundArc, then voilla… Connected…

Thanks for the “Clear Cache” suggestion :+1::+1: