Cannot connect Soundcore Flair to new Android phone

I have Samsung A30s and A11. I have the Soundcore app installed on both phones. I put the Soundcore in pairing mode and try to connect the phone to it. The Soundcore shows up on “Available devices”. I tap it to try to connect. After I tap it, there is a note that says “An app is needed to use this device”. (As stated, I DO have this app installed.) So I tap again, and I get a “Bluetooth Pairing Request” notification asking if I want to pair with Soundcore Flair. I tap “OK” but nothing happens. I have done this whole thing at least 3 times, including re-starting my phone, re-starting the Soundcore, deleting and re-installing the app. Nothing works. Please help.

Lets try something different. Delete the earbuds from the phone.

Go to the app, find the product and hit connect when you pull up that earbud in the app

It will go into a search mode, it should take you to the bluetooth area. Try to pair them from there at this point. If it is paired, you can hit the back arrow and it should take you to the app and to that devices page.

Thank you for the reply but I do not have earbuds. I have the dark blue Soundcore Flare loudspeaker, which I bought about 2 years ago. I don’t know how I would “delete” the device from my bluetooth because it is not connected and never has been connected. For what it’s worth, I had an older Samsung phone, and the Soundcore always connected very nicely with that phone - and I did not need to use any app.

Sorry, I do realize that but you get use to stating that from other threads… :rofl: Same for when saw the a11 and was thinking earbuds when I did see flare.

So no need to delete.

Try to connect them while going through the app. It may recognize it is being connected and that there is an app. Unsure why it would not be recognizing the app though.

Normally, you can pair the Flare speaker with your device without the Soudncore APP. In your case, you can try rebooting your device then holding the “BassUP” and “Play/Pause” buttons for 8S at the same time to reset. When it reset successfully, the bass up and light indicators will flash twice and the speaker will power off.

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@winfred nothing else has worked for me EXCEPT your suggestion! Thank you so much!!! That was super frustrating for a bit.