Cant pair two speakers


I cant pair my second speaker after I paired my principal one. The sound came from the principal speaker only.

Is there a way to pair the secondspeaker easily.

Which Flare speakers are you trying to pair and what is the other speaker as well? (Some has partycast, some do not) It just depends.

If you have an older speaker and they upgraded that speaker then there is a chance those can not be paired.

More info as somebody may have the info that you are needing.


My speaker are Anker Soundcorer flair mini Parts number AK-848061024388.

If you need more info please ask

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OK Flare mini.
Are these both from the same serie?
Make sure it is
You should know there is an elder model which does not part with the newer one.

Otherwise do a reset of both speakers and do the TWS-paring again.
I know its a little bit tricky.
But if you follow the instructions it should work

Hi, Both are same model, and I shut off both and restart both but only one paired.

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I have only one Flare Mini so can’t say it works for sure, but I would suggest to try following steps:
I would suggest to reset both speakers:

Then to pair those in TWS mode


Here the steps i went thru

I push the power buitton until I ear a beep

I push the bluetooth button 3 sec. after the blutooth led is white and flashing (the power button and the light button are solid white)

Hello, Its working but I need to write it down the steps to make it work
Could you please confirm to me the steps to do .

I tun both speakers off
I turn both speakers on until i ear the bips on both of them
I press bluetooth1 button for 3 sec. wait until blue light come solid
I press bluetooth2 button for 3 sec. bluetooth2 light blinking
I press bluetooth1 until blue light blinking
Verify in parameters /bluetooth sound core is activate both speakers will be pairerd