Can't seem to pair my flare 2's

Followed procedures in manual nut Bluetooth light on primary doesn’t go steady, just blinks like the other one and apps only play on one of the flare 2’s

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Hopefully this will help.


We have a member on community who put a video and tips for doing this. You can those out as well:

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Thanks @Shivam_Shah

One thing I may not have captured, that I have since discovered is only to have one flare on your devices list for Bluetooth, anymore any they compete to pair and won’t pair with each other.

I think the video I posted in the referenced article from Shivams post should be it.

If not let me know and I can check through the steps again.

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@Yeager1 You can hold the Bluetooth and Volume+ buttons of the speaker for 2s-8s, after resetting, the speaker will turn off, and then turn on by itself. After you pair one of the Flare2 speakers with your device as the main speaker then you try the secondary Flare 2 to pair with the main speaker. When it has paired to the main speaker, the white indicator light will flash on the main Flare 2 and the white light on the secondary Flare 2 will stay on continuously.

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