CES 2021 Moves to an All-Digital Experience


CES made an announcement that they will be going online. Registration seems to be open for eligible individuals. Would love to see how demos are held for certain devices/products

Dont know what will CES2021 online will look like! Its tough to imagine.Still 5 months away

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So many things that have to be planned so far in advance. And if it is all online, suddenly physical access isn’t what enforces scarcity, so some of the interesting events could be huge, and get the same experience as any other attendee would.

The real value of things like this tends to be the networking and after hours communication going on. That doesn’t happen to the same degree with remote participation - after all, in that case you are still home with your family.

More importantly, the reviews from the attendee’s who get their hands on these…

If this CES online, companies like Anker might end up with Online Showcase, and ship-out products to Social Media reviewers and editorials

Hmm wonder how many companies will ship things out. Of course they can’t ship all the big crazy things so it’ll be a showcase only thing. That being said, do you think as many companies would throw as many crazy looking stuff for CES 2021?

Interesting for it to be moving online. I feel like that will be rough on some products that require a move in person testing experience

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I don’t understand :thinking: Here in Canada pretty much everything is open with extra care, that includes gym, movie theatres, restaurants with limited capacity and schools will be open too…
I know US is little behind but will get over it in few more days if not months.
Planning for 2021 CES already and going digital doesn’t make sense to me. You will not have the same experience in my opinion.

The US isn’t really behind, we’ve just done infinitely more testing then any other country.

Not saying other country’s have done well, because many (most) have.

Not everywhere in the US was prepared and on the same level. Also there are a whole lot more people in the US than in Canada. Not saying that the big population makes it impossible but does make it harder because more people can get sick or just pass the virus on.

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I agree with no doubt @ktkundy @TechMan my intention was to say behind in getting to a so called clean point, it varies by country and so many factors involved. it doesn’t mean anything negative. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it makes sense for this to be moved online since everyone is so close and touching s lot of the same surfaces. Things opening here so far have had to do a lot of cleaning and stuff to try to keep everyone safe and I don’t see how they could do this well at CES and even if they could it would probably be very expensive

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Looks like the foreseeable future will be digital regarding big events.

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