Chances of adding LIFE Q10 and Q20 to the Soundcore App?

Hey all! As some of you already know, I’m loving the Life Q10 headphones. The dynamic sound, BassUP, and ridiculous battery life make them the best value under $50. The Life Q20 are also an awesome value for budget ANC headphones.

One way that Soundcore can make these better would be to add them to the Soundcore app so we can EQ them a bit to our own personal preference. This ability is a huge value add and my community loves the versatility the EQ presets can give you.

Any chance Soundcore will do this?


I totally agree. Having more products in the app is really a benefit for everyone. Consumers will be happier, and soundcore will sell more products.

@Loz who would be the proper manager to address this to?


Hi @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS, thanks for the feedback man., Jeffrey is a YouTuber with some really valuable insights; it would be great if we can investigate this further. Can you talk to the team and let him know the team’s opinion?

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Thanks for bringing it to my attention! For anything app related best to chat to


Thanks! Just something that keeps coming up in conversations so I figured I would ask.


Great stuff guys :+1: that’s an awesome idea… I too have this Life Q10 and EQ would do wonders!


Great Idea. I have the Soundcore Life Q10 as well and would love to see it become supported by the Soundcore App. Not just for customizing the sound but also for firmware updates. :metal:


Hi @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS I’m happy your community like our products, since EQ is welcomed by all the true music lovers, we will give priority to this function in future update. Thanks for your feedback!


Glad to know that… hope to get my hands on a Q10 in near future :crossed_fingers:

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That is good news. One other request - add this to the Infini and Infini mini - the pro already has it, and it would really help this soundbar be more useful.

Thanks for following up, Poppo! :smiley:


Please provide app support for soundcore life q10…


Not yet received app support for life q10.please provide it… Sir


I don’t believe it’s as simple as “just add it to the app”.


Please add the function I heard the q10 is a basshead but I want to enjoy other music too so please add it to app

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The more devices that get added to the app the better!

1 Like sir it’s been a while we still didn’t get life q10 support in soundcore app

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Life Q10 does not have the needed hardware for App support, existing headsets will not have the support, may be the future headsets may get them

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Hola saludos desde Colombia que bueno sería que lo agregen a la aplicación compré mis audífonos life Q10 hoy y estoy sorprendido por el sonido me gusta desmasiado agradecido por la solicitud de todos los usuarios Life Q10

Not yet received device support kindly add it asap