Changing username

Can we add a way to change your username like you can on the anker community site? Would really love to have it all match to one name.

@tsayoga2001 You should be able to change your username under the profile section here;

I have it set as Unnamed for that username it just doesn’t carry over to the forums for some reason?

Have you signed in / out after the change (that’s where I initially changed mine)?

Might be worth sending @Loz a PM as they may have changed the ability since the community went live…

Yea i have signed in and out plus just went back and cleared and re-saved it on that end then logged out and back with nothing changing.

Definitely contact support then. They should be able to tell you what is wrong at least.

Well on the anker forum you can do it yourself here there’s no edit pencil for it. @jercox

Yeah. I changed mine under the soundcore profile as well, and it did not carry over to the forums. I think it should have. And the forums don’t let you edit it as you pointed out.

If you figure it out, let me know what you had to do.

It actually seems to work the same at both sites - I just tried to change it at Anker, and was unable to. My profile on both sites (for the main site) has a different username than my profile at the forum part of both sites, and I can’t change it on the forum for either.

I was able to change on anker for some reason now the options not there so idk?