Charching Soundcore motion plus with a powerbank, using a cable type c to c


Can i use a Type-C For Type-C cable and a Powerbank to charge my speaker ? (Soundcore motion plus.



If the motion plus has a USB-C socket for charging you can do of course.
I dont know how long it will take, but it will work.
Others may know better and give you some suggestion what ANKER pb is best for you.

Yes sure can.

No problem doing that! :+1:

The answer is YES

Thank you very much all of u.

Powerbank output is 5V 3A.

Soundcore motion input 5V 2A.

Is there any problem?. If i catch it right it means the limit for the speaker is 2A and the powerbank can provide 3A.

Awesome speaker.

No problem, speaker will take what it needs, usually around 1.6A

thanks ! :+1:

No problem, the speaker is protected against any overloading etc.
You can use this pb and enjoy the speaker,

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Things just draw the amount of current (Amps) they need. You will be fine!