Charger not working

My Rave Neo speaker stopped charging and any charger I plug in will not charge it at all. I noticed that 2 of the connection prongs in the charging port are bent. Anyone know how I could fix this or if it would be covered on my warranty?

Be honest:
Did you bend this? :smiley:

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I swear I didn’t at least not on purpose if I did. I think it happened when I was plugging it in and it must have snagged the connecters thus bending them and I didn’t notice until it died and hadn’t charged all night and would work with all the other cables either. It’s a $100 speaker I would never do such a thing. lol.

How hard is it to bend the pins back into place?

Where it’s under warranty I didn’t want to risk doing it myself. If I do and it doesn’t work or breaks off my warranty is voided.

Just moving the usb c prong shouldn’t hurt it.
But if you have concerns just contact support and they can help you better.

I just tried to flatten the prongs but it didn’t work. The port is too small to really get in it like I need to. I have an active ticket with the support center and have sent all the requested information and I am waiting to hear back. Fingers crossed it is covered by the warranty. I love this speaker I would hate to lose it this soon.

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I would definitely reach out to customer support because they might be able to help you. If not then we start coming up with ideas for you on how to fix it.

I am sure that a “skilled” tinker can open the speaker and replace the socket.
But may be you get help from the support.