Charging light on or off

Are the three charging lights on the Liberty 3 PRO case supposed to go out when the buds/case are fully charged?

That’s normal, they flash to indicate charging level until full then turn off.

If you wait a while, pull cable out and then insert cable again you may be able to make show last light flashing again.

The point is, my light does not go out

I think what is being said is that at around 70 perent the 3rd light will be blinking til 100.

So if yours is still blinking then it is normal. If it is not blinking now and is 3 dots then that could be an issue.

Do not have them but figure they will go out as most buds for Soundcore functions the same on the cases.

Option is to reset the case. If it continues to do that, you can always check with with if the case gets worse.

Normal to go out eventually. I have some other Soundcore buds here and the 3 solid lights go out after say 15 mins.

The power to case recharges the case and the buds, so a case full with buds not full will keep lights on longer because the case is charged but still on as it’s not yet finished charging the buds.

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When I started to charge for first time the 2nd light was blinking. Eventually all three lights were solid, still solid after 30 minutes. Buds and case showed 100% charge. I guess I’ll just see how it goes.
Perhaps I should have waited longer. Too late now, I’m using them.

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Hmmm, hadn’t really noticed this before, but the lights on my L3P case stay solid and don’t go out (left charging for a couple of hours after 3 solid lights).

Will try charging again tomorrow, as I’ve been using them again this evening.

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I’ve charged again after a reset of the case / buds and the three light stay on.
The app and android BT settings both indicate 100% battery.
I think this just be normal?

@Adrian_Walker I left mine charging overnight and the 3 lights were still on this morning, so I am thinking that it must be normal too.


Just fully charged my Life A2 NC’s and the lights don’t go out after leaving for a couple of hours once fully charged.


Well I guess we’ve proved Soundcore does it differently across products. My P2 case light is on when charging, off when charged. I have another product does the same.

Anyway, it’s confirmed by another owner the L3P the lights stay on when fully charged.


You’d think that from a support point of view, it would be better to stick to one method of displaying charging levels across all products. I guess there must be a reason for it though.

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