*CHEAP* Over the Ear Headphones Recommendations

Hello Audiophiles!

We’re going on a roadtrip and my daughter needs a pair of OTE Headphones.

They need to be corded, comfortable and cheap. She’s only 5, has broken a few of my Anker headphones and I’m not about to give her my Q20’s.

Since Anker doesn’t have any low end headphones - $10 - $20. Are there are other brands or manufacturers of 3.5mm corded OTE Headphones?

Not sure if this is an appropriate thread or not, but just wanted to get your opinion! Thanks in Advance.


I found these on Amazon. They have pretty good reviews, and quite a few of them at that. I have always been fairly satisfied with panosonic products.

Uh oh, here’s @TechMan persuading me to buy headphones again! :joy:

Thanks bud! I’ll read some of the reviews, in a bit. Kind of wish Soundcore had an entry level pair for kids.

These would be great for schools, and even to pair with the Fire Tablets, since Anker and Amazon are buddy-buddy.

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agreed. A headset similar to those Panasonic, but with a soundcore “flare” (get it?) would be really great. I could definitely see them selling well…

I really hate pushing another brand on here. But I just picked up a cheap pair for my son from iclever.


Totally agree, however since Soundcore and Anker do not participate in that low-end, child targeted space I think we may have a pass here.

How does your son like them?


He seems to love them (if he ever takes them off I will let you know). The volume control on them is also nice, no worrying about hearing issues.

If you got a walmart near by check out their selection of kid branded headphones. I’ve seen a few when I had run in there to get a new USB-C cable (they carry Anker products). Most of their children’s electronics are around $20

You can always grab a Soundcore sticker and put over it. lol. I will say I got some Panasonic wired earbuds for cheap and the lasted longer than I thought.