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coral color buds used in video

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Thank you @ktkundy for the mention! :grinning:
If anyone is interested, I also have a written review and comparison available over at my site:

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Of course! Really great video as always!

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Thanks for including my review in there!

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of course, had to include all my community faves! Your reviews always have some great testing with the equipment you have.

I was looking at @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS after listening to @TechnicallyWell review. I will say that being on the community a lot you hear several folks complain that they did not like the touch tone playing. It is good that soundcore does listen to some of the feedback and set up an option to turn that touch tones on or off.

I personally did not have an issue with that tone.

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Thanks for organizing all the reviews in one place.

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anytime it makes it easier for those looking for reviews before buying them and it’s just easier to highlight all the great reviews in one place so people don’t miss any. I know there are still more to come but the ones out already are pretty great.

Thanks for sharing. Will check a bit later

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Agreed that and the addition of single tap controls on the new p3 and the liberty air 2 pro really show that soundcore listens to its users and its something great to see in a company

LOL I agree with the single tab but I believe in one of the threads somebody was wanting a triple tap. I think with that said, I think there has to be a point of premierness (own word) to some functionality depending on the earbuds bought. I would have thought the lost earbud finder would have been on the air 2 pros first than the p3 as an example.

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agreed, since we probably won’t see a liberty air 3 pro for another year or so (also I don’t like that we keep adding words to the names instead of making new lines or just calling something by the next number it’s starting to become a mouthful). I’m also wondering if game mode is just a firmware update that could be brought to the liberty air 2 pro as well to get people to still consider them at the higher price point

@lrae @TheSnarkyOne I think you were the two potentially looking for coral red, I just added a video to the list above that is done reviewing the coral red P3 and has some nice shots of it if you are interested

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I’ll have to check this weekend… thx :+1:


at first, I thought the red was a bit much but after watching the review it grew on me a little.