Chi Mai- A touching musical farewell Jean- Paul Belmondo

See how yesterday the French people said goodbye to the deceased fantastic actor Jean-Paul Belmondo.
The song Chi Mai was composed by E. Morricone for a sensational film in which Belmondo played the main role (“The Professional”).
It was played by the National Guard.

Unforgettable end of the movie with the song Chi Mai:


I first remember the music from UK TV Series life and times of David Lloyd George

Became hit due to that.

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Thanks for sharing. :+1:


Thanks for all the info.
I did not know that this melody was also used in Polish film :grinning:.

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Nice song although I do not think this has played in a US movie but could be wrong.

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Very nice tribute and quite the movie too.

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Nice song. Nice ceremony. RIP Jean Paul

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