Chinese New Year

This year the celebrations are under the shadow of the problems with this corona virus.
Seems really severe.
Hope there will be a remedy found.


Things like this are always terrible. Especially when there’s fairly good evidence that their government created this and released it on them…

Read some news about it spreading across, and how it is being contained. Just hope the cure is found, end of the day it is the people who suffer.

They’re blaming snakes now, we’ll see how this pans out.

Are we playing Plague inc?

But either way, happy new year to all. And hopefully it will die down soon.

This is when a Nebula Mars comes in quite handy; I heard cinemas are cancelling major releases to reduce spread and people have to stay home.

  1. Relieves boredom.
  2. Reduces chance of infection.

Double agree… I enjoy my Nebula Capsule!

What I hate most,
there are so called “experts” writing here it our “press” that virus is not so dangerous and not so infectious.
This is the reason we call the press here in our country “Lügenpresse” (press of lies) :zipper_mouth_face:

Fake news… It is everywhere. Just that in some countries it is directly government controlled. I trust nothing I hear out of China.

LOL I have not played it but I know a lot about it due to my youngest use to play it a lot for a period of time. It seems to be a fun game about destroying humanity via plagues, viruses, vampires and etc. LOL

I just don’t trust any news, until I get the facts.
Somehow they managed to manipulate the facts too… so, not trusting anyone and just going by gut feeling :smirk:

I know, it’s super annoying. One news source will say that we have 200 outbreaks of corona virus, and another will say that we have 200,000. One news source Will say 3 deaths, another will say 2500. Completely inconsistent


I was not talking about the number of outbreaks.
Those may differ.
But you see how inconsistent those “news” are.

What I was talking about that some “experts” here called that virus not dangerous and not so infectious. More than a lie, to calm down people here.
Not dangerous???
This is the reason chinese government “closed” a region with 11 million people?