Choose Your Music Genre Badge!

These Music Badges look amazing :star_struck::notes:, thanks @loz for getting these Badges.
I would like to go for a ‘pop’ badge, hopefully in the future we can pick more than one badge since i am in the middle with Pop or EDM to pick.:yum:

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Hope we can choose more than 1 in the future, but for now I’ll take Metal, thanks!

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I’ll take country but only because there is not a bluegrass option. It’s quite a different genre.

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As others said, I want more than one but for now I’ll take the hip hop and rap badge.

Yes!! Very different indeed!!! Ha ha!!

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Love this! Would be great to see one for Nerdcore, even though I’m probably the only one that would use it lol

@Loz when will these badges be applied to our profiles, sometime in November?

Awesome idea to add to everyone’s profile. Mark me down for some good ole’ EDM please @Loz

Should I make a honest confession?
Forgive me please, but many of the genres you mentioned I don’t know. :anguished:

I don’t really like the country badge. But since I do listen to metal as well, I will take that one.

love the genre badges…I will take the HipHop for sure…maybe on the next round we get some international music badges - like Reggaeton, Salsa, Cumbia :slight_smile:

keep up the good work

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No they don’t have an account I’m afraid, but I’ll pass through the sentiment! :slight_smile:

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Thanks all! I’ve added your requests on - go check your profiles! If I’ve missed anyone let me know.

The only reason I’m not allowing multiple badges at the moment is because it’s primarily me looking after the Collective and just me adding badges, so if I had to take multiple requests from the whole community it could take quite a bit of time.

Perhaps once I’ve sorted the moderator situation I could give them the authority to pass out these badges. Then allowing multiple badges could be fine. Although, I do like the idea of genre factions within the Collective :wink:


Thank you @Loz

Just saw my pop badge :+1:t2:

Thank you @Loz :grinning:

Cheers @Loz :+1:


Thanks boss, love it

Thanks @Loz! Mine is showing up great!!

I am definitely going to have to say country.

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These are awesome. I’m going with Rock and Reggae if we can choose two. Great addition to the site, @Loz!