Christmas Tree - Real, artificial, or none?

If I were a bachelor, I would have none. My wife would prefer real, and the kids just want a big one to tuck all the presents under. So we have compromised on artificial, as it reduces the annual cost and mess, but gives the house that festive air.

What do the rest of you do?


I prefer artificial but wife like real since that’s what she had growing up. To me the artificial tree are just all around easier.

Nothing but real trees for me. You need the nice smell around Christmastime. And the annual tradition of trimming the tree.

I usually wrap the gifts I give to friends and family and stick them under the tree so it looks nice- since I don’t have family of my own.

We try to go green, don’t want all the waste to simply create more trees vanish and not to mention all of the clutter after the Christmas, …

We bought decent lit tree from Costco and using it for past 2 years, plus connected Eufy plug for On/Off :grin::hugs:

I get severe migraines from real trees so we have a fake. Even if I didn’t have issues we would still have a fake. They cost to much and don’t last long. Plus its waste to cut down a tree.

I have a friend who sells me 6ft trees for $20. They normally cost around $150 for this type (I guess it’s the beet kind?) but since we’re friends…

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That’s good deal. Home Depot use to sell them on the cheap.

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We didn’t have a tree last year :joy: just lots of decorations. As the dogs cage has now taken residence where tree went. And now we have the new pup I don’t know if we will have one this year either. :man_shrugging:t2:

We do artificial. I grew up with a father that was allergic to real ones, so we always did fake. After all this time, I can’t imagine doing a real one!!

I just went out and cut down my own tree today and put it up in the house!


I’m single, so nothing for me, but my parents picked up an artificial tree a few years back because I have a severe allergy. Mom figured it was the only way they were going to get me to come home for Christmas.

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This is our Christmas tree :grin:


We use artificial trees, we have pets and they make to climb and destroy real trees. So at least with the artificial ones we can keep the pets away because they are scared of it.
One day we will have a real tree again

Ours was always real.

I will use a fake tree.

Allergies are a pretty common reason. I don’t like super concentrated smells in general, and a fresh pine tree in a small room gets pretty strong.

Artificial here, picked one up at Home Depot a few days after Christmas for like 75% off.

It’s 8ft and is prelit with multi color or white lights.

Real trees are messy, and I can get the smell of a real tree from scents or candles!

Artificial, put ours up last weekend. And for the first year ever my 2 kids put the tree up, lights on and decorated it entirely on their own! Saved me a lot of time and I could get on with other things.