Classical Music Embraces Its Online Future

Seems like they are doing some great performances on video since people cannot attend in-person. Hope you all enjoy it. Happy reading

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Nice share :+1:t2:

I like the idea, but it isn’t going to reproduce the experience at all. Just a live recording that is available online.

In person brings a sense of personal directness, of lived experience, of immediacy that you can’t get with a recording. Plus the direct sound and the acoustics of the hall. This is 2d visuals on a screen, plus sound reproduced through whatever your quality of speakers, on your own schedule.

Youtube is great, but it isn’t a live performance. And you are competing for people’s attention against all the other great recordings out there, so it takes something exceptional to stand out. This won’t sustain musical performance in a financially viable way for most.


Alot of those attending a symphony performance go for the sound quality of the room and ambiance, not just for the music.

Sadly, alot of the bigger orchestras are, like other musicians, going to struggle keeping afloat.

Hopefully the online concerts and performances can provide sufficient funding to keep them going.

Good share @ktkundy


we received two tickets ;

thanks for the memories :rofl:

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The multi skilled, flexible, adaptable will be fine. Those waiting for what was to be again are not going to succeed. Everything is being changed and those who don’t change will do badly.

I’d assume live musicians in orchestras all have to find alternative careers.

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