Coast to Coast: Full Competition Details

Read below for a full breakdown of the specific Coast to Coast competition details!


What would a nationwide competition be without some HUGE prizes available?

$25,000 Grand Prize and up to $50,000 in total prizes

  • Artists in the Cities or States that advance to the Round of 16 will each receive 1,000 Notes (LÜM’s in-app currency)

  • Round of 8: Each artist will receive 2,000 Notes

  • Round of 4: Each artist will receive 4,000 Notes

  • Championship Round: Each artist on both championship teams will receive a pair of LÜM X Soundcore co-branded Liberty Pro 2 headphones

  • Winning Team: $25,000 Grand Prize

  • PLUS a few more additional surprises!


Any independent artist interested in applying to join Coast to Coast can do so here. Please input your email/phone number to get updates as the competition entry period approaches. To help prepare for the application period, below is the information we will collect as part of the application process.

Application Information

  • Information about yourself (Name, email etc…)

  • Download LÜM (Android HERE) (iOS HERE) or visit (if on computer)

    • Create a profile

    • Upload a track to LÜM (if you are selected this track will be put into your city or state’s playlist, so that fans can listen to your music during the voting period!)

  • Create a 30-60 second video of you performing your top track

    • Post your video to IG, TikTok, or LÜM with the hashtags ‘CoastToCoast’ & ‘Competition’

    • Tag LÜM & Soundcore in your post

  • State you are representing

  • City where you are from or city you want to represent


Here is a brief timeline of how the competition’s structure will operate!


  • Entry/Application Period: May 10th - May 24th

  • Bracket Announced: May 28th

  • Voting Rounds Begin: May 31st (Final Voting Round Dates TBD)

    • Round of 32 Voting: May 31st - June 3rd

    • Round of 16 Voting: June 7th - 10th

    • Round of 8 Voting: June 14th - 17th

    • Round of 4 Voting: June 21st - 24th

    • Championship: June 28th - 29th

Good luck and welcome to the first annual Coast to Coast!

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Nice, I look forward to seeing how this goes.

I expect there to be some weird balance issues with many entries from certain areas and very few in others, but we’ll see.