Color Up Your Summer with Life P3

Life P3 is here to add an extra pop of color to your summer!

Choose from 5 colors, including 3 new shades:

Sky Blue

Coral Red

Oat White

And of course, if you want a more pared-down style, Life P3 is also available in Navy Blue and Classic Black.

In addition to the new colors, Life P3 features a plethora of exciting features, including:

Multi-Mode Noise Cancelling: Say “bye bye” car engines, noisy air-conditioning units, and more in an instant :wave:

Gaming Mode: Sure, being outside during summer is fun. But sometimes you just want to chill out and play games in a cool room. Switch to Gaming mode to enhance in-game sound effects for a more immersive experience :video_game:

Sleep Mode: Head over to the Soundcore app and create a white noise soundscape to lull yourself into a sleep so deep, even Sleeping Beauty and hibernating bears will get jealous :zzz:

Find Your Earbuds: How often do you lose your earbuds? If you’re anything like me, you’re regularly dropping them under your bed, losing them down the back of the sofa, or someone you live with has “accidentally” borrowed them again…:roll_eyes: Life P3 has our new Find Your Earbuds feature which is accessed through the Soundcore app. Your earbuds will make a high-pitched noise and your game of hide-and-seek will be over in a flash!

Life P3 launches in early July, so if you head over to the Soundcore website now, you can reserve your early bird coupon for just $1 / £1 / CAD$1 / 1€. Then, when Life P3 launches, we’ll send you a 25% OFF code.

Reserve your early bird coupon here:





What does everyone think about our new Life P3 earbuds? Which color is your favorite? Let’s chat in the comments :point_down:


Black is still my favorite. But I would consider red just to make them harder to lose. Black blends in on too many surfaces.

My wife loves her P2s, and these appear to be the exact same design physically, with added noise cancelling. Sounds like a great idea to me. And if the find my earbuds feature works well, no downside to that either.

I do wonder how easy they will be to differentiate from some of the other models like the L2APs. I think the physical shape is different enough to matter for some, but pictures can’t really tell you which will fit in your ear better, so hard to buy online based on that.



P3 is a rocking it now. I will say the light blue is my favorite at this time.

I will say the case is 100 percent improvement from the previous ones. I always found that the p2 case was an accident waiting to happen. You open the case and it tended to fall over.

Nice with the noise ot find earbuds. Wonder if that an outside the earbud (ie not from the drivers as I could see somebody taking them and using them and then getting a high pitch sound noise in their ear :rofl:

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Does the price includes or excludes the 25% discount? So for UK for example is the price you pay £60 or £80?

What codecs is it supporting? I guess not LDAC but AptX?

Ambient mode? It’s often included with ANC but isn’t mentioned.

Why would someone choose the P3 over the LA2P?

Looking forward to the reviews, particularly someone who can compare with P2 and/or LA2P.

Great news. Coral red is very nice.

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Very interesting. I’m going to have to take a close look at these.

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Wow, they look awesome! As usually, my color is navy blue.

Just put down my £1, looking forward to these coming out, dark blue for me I think.


Just the find feature is amazing for my wife. She has lost her liberty pro 2 earbuds multiple times and luckily we have found them.

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Guess I was a day early :joy:. Personally I like the sky blue and the navy blue kind of torn between them wish they had the same blue as the Liberty air 2 pro


My favorite color is navy blue. It’s very good that there’s a search function - that’s very helpful.


Navy Blue to match my Q35s. Any idea on the IP rating of these? The P2s are my go to walking and shower earphones so would like them to maintain that waterproofing.

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What is the LP3 IP rating?

A rumour is IPX5 but the next product in price the LA2P is IPX4 so would like it clarified. Thanks.

@sean.l @Hannah @william.ward

Love the colors and ANC

Hello have the p3 transparenz mode?

Nice and the price isn’t to bad. I like all the colors but my favorites are still the black ones. But I like the blues and will probably get these when I need to replace my P2s

I like the navt and black

I usually get audio gear in Black. For some reason I sort of like the Sky Blue, Navy Blue, and Coral Red this time around (as long as it’s not Pink in person :rofl:).


I go back and forth. I love the blue on my LA2P and Q35s. I may have to go with the red or the light blue. I like the way they pop. And they are so different from most of the other stuff out there. I may have a goal to get everything I can in that blue, though!