Coming Soon: Anker PowerConf S30

Disclaimer: Yes, I know this isn’t a Soundcore product, but the existing iteration has nearly been treated as such.

Anker is developing a new Bluetooth speakerphone… Take a look at PowerConf S30!

While details are currently unavailable, professor provides some insight into what might be coming on the Anker Power Station:

What are your initial impressions of Anker’s PowerConf S30? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


I have to say pretty sweet. I remember getting pulled into a meeting to take notes and can not keep up with them at times. Lol

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Looks slimmer, which is nice.

Probably a cheaper model, but who knows :man_shrugging:.

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Looks like a more premium version to me… :thinking:

Possible. You’re better at this then me.

I can’t imagine paying more then the regular PowerConf, so that would surprise me. I feel the market has more need for a slim (budget) model.

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Nah, you’ve been pretty good lately! :laughing:

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Wow, you’re right… PowerConf S30 is about half as thick as the original PowerConf!

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Now we just gotta wait for that price :joy:

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You know that even though it looks less think it could actually be larger than the original. The biggest difference is this one has a cloth covering as the original has a plastic covering. Price I am not sure but with trascribe feature, I am going to say about 149.

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I think Josh got the actual dimensions to the PowerConf :wink:


It looks nice to me, but given that it would be more of an “occasional nice to have” than a “need”, the price will have to be significantly below $100 before I jump in.

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