Community and Badges -- what do these mean, are these necessary?

Have been seeing a lot of badges, which make no sense to me… first thing is there are so many which makes it overly confusing, second is some are simply silly – first mention, first OneBox, first emoji, the list goes on… does anyone even care about these?

Badges need to be something that needs to be earned and shows on user’s name when he posts or something which makes the user standout from the rest of the members…

I really hope these meaning less, useless badges are removed, clean up the clutter, and keep / make useful badges for Senior, Contributer, Moderator, Innovative, Smart, kind of ones, which helps other members know of this member.

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I don’t really understand them either.

looks like these came as stale copy from the other community… and really have no use

:raising_hand_man: I’ll take the moderator one

hope your wish comes true :+1:

Look at the badges in the red box, do those mean anything to anyone…


This should be something like


Badge of Awesome … this was an example


Those don’t make any sense to me.
I don’t care about!

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Appreciated, thank you, emoji, mention or onebox at a guess :wink:

Clearer badges would be welcomed by many :grinning:

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I think members mostly look at if the user who replied, created post or liked the post was a – Moderator / admin / or some member with special attribute… no one really thinks much about these badges which are on the site…

members need to “earn” them and not get them by creating “OneBox” :rofl: i really dont want these to feature on my profile or next my username when I create a thread, makes it look like its raining (blue water drops) on me :cold_face:

Clearer badges are the need.

I get you dont find them useful or want them but that doesnt mean others feel the same way. It’s a reward so to speak to show others your sense of accomplishments and should be in display

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yes, these should be more meaningful, how or what does it show sense of accomplishment by “First Emoji” or “First mention” ?

Introductory baby steps for new users…

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may be, but atleast provide an option on preference “Hide my badges on my profile” similar to “Hide my public profile and presence features”

Man you complain too much :crazy_face: btw I’m kidding

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I had rather bring up useful points and make community more useful and clear to members (which comes across as complaining most… i mean ALL the time :smiley: ) and I know it…

Hope these are taken as positive inputs.

Soundcore Collective being a fresh new community has an opportunity to mend or fix things which couldn’t happen in the Anker Community with fewer members now, which will have many more in thousands in few months, will be tougher then. Better to get to work on it when its young.

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At times you need some criticism to keep things healthy … all glossy, sweet, sugar coated words are not good all the time …

too much sugar in take causes diabetes :rofl::innocent:

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Nothing to add!
Thank You! :grinning:

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These badges come standard with the application. I have seen some communities have better use of them. Anker or Soundcore would have disabled them if they don’t plan to use them. It is just unnecessary confusion to members.

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Are the badges set to auto add or does someone have to scan posts to add?

It wouldn’t take much to have an automated system.

I have been wondering the same thing. When I saw the available ones, I have done a couple of them prior and never saw one added, not that I am really losing sleep over it.