Community - Errors & Slowness Loading (Anker and Soundcore)

Have been seeing slowness and errors on both Anker and Soundcore communities

error 502 (Bad Gateway) and 504

Have emailed the Anker and Soundcore support, also left a note on DM on social media channels

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Getting the same. I thought it was me as I was working on a conference call

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Now Soundcore page is loading … still slow … but Anker Community is completely down, the community gives this error…

Got the same error and figured to come check the other community. Looks like it’s not just me

Yeah. I’ve had a lot of lag, and simply the site not loading for the past few hours.

Most likely due to the increase in activity from the new giveaway

SoundCore Community was slow but Anker Community was completely down

Looks like you have a lot of work on hands @TechMan … with the giveaway, there ought to be a lot of spam and you got to close them… saw you already closed one of them :grin:

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