Community Help - $100 Voucher - What to buy?!

Hello Friends! I need some help determining which Soundcore product I should buy.

I have a $100 voucher for a community suggestion contest. I’m happy to pay the extra for the L2P (Too bad they aren’t on sale for $100 :joy:)

Please swing by and drop a vote and any words of encouragement. I’m sure @TechMan will have a few persuasive words!

  • Liberty 2 Pro
  • Liberty 2
  • Liberty Air 2
  • Flare 2
  • Rave Mini

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I would say it depends on what you have, and what you want.

If you want really good true wireless earbuds, then the L2P are totally worth it. If you want compact travel TWS Earbuds, then the liberty air 2 are great (not as good sound quality, but still very good). Personally I wouldn’t get liberty 2 as I prefer the Air style/shape better- but it’s personal preference. The liberty 2 also don’t have wireless charging.

If you want a speaker, I recommend the flare 2, or the icon+. They both have USB-C. The sound quality on the icon+ is better, and it gets louder without distorting. The flare 2 has the LED lights, but most importantly- 360 audio. Again, all up to preference.

The rave mini is cool if you just want something real loud, that is good for party’s. But it’s definitely not an “audiophile” speaker.

It’s really all up to what you want. Hope this is helpful!


Well, I have quite a few Soundcore products. I was actually hoping the Spirit X2s were available since those are my favorite hitting the gym.

I have the Liberty Airs and Liberty Lite and Neo.

I have a few Flares as well.

So my NEED for a product is not there. I’m leaning towards the L2P, but just based on the hype not out of necessity.

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Makes sense. I still recommend the liberty 2 pro (I voted for them after all!).

If you want something that’s completely different then the rave mini is still there.

I am enjoying the Liberty 2 pro. Although you can get flare 2 for 80 and then for 35 more get the Spirit X for 35 for workout

I already have 2 Liberty 2 Pro - one for me and one for wifey, and enjoying it! Also, if you are more into music, party - rave mini for $99 is a good bargain, i got it recently and loving it…

I think if you have a vote, you should probably go with that option… You know, since it is for you.

I think you should listen to the majority and your own instincts and go for L2P :grinning:

If I had the $100 voucher I would get the L2P. Those are still on my list and I would pay the difference.

FLARE 2 for the win!


it’s really up to yourself at the end of the day. L2P is my go to buds, hands down. I have WH/WF1000xm3s and well let’s just say L2P blow the socks of them for clarity and bass. If your after a speaker, Flare is great with the 360 audio that I have heard of but I’m yet to purchase. Motion+ is on the cards at the moment for me, waiting on my q20s to come, sucks that they dont have app control, but hopefully the sound is as good as what the liberty air 2 have :wink: So if it’s the buds your after I would go for the LP2, if your going to use them all day, LA2 is an all day comfort! this is just my opinion tho! hope this helps!

I spend a $100 coupon on two different products. Which just opens up a much bigger can of worms. But if you want the high end headphones, many here love them.

If I had one, (I will never get one),
I would buy another ZERO for pairing.
But as far I see this great speaker is no more available.

Was torn between the LP2 and the Air 2 when using mine (limited options on UK)…the LP2 won out and lucky was on off for £99 at the time last week…Rave Mini could be interesting though :thinking:

Thanks to all for your input -

I was leaning towards the LP2’s and those ultimately won out - Soundcore finally added the white ones, so I pulled the trigger!

I ordered yesterday and they are already shipping from an Amazon facility 20-30 miles from my house! Should have them in a few days! Love you guys!

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must be nice lol congrats

LOL - thank you! Stick around long enough and you’ll have plenty of opportunities for goodies!