Compatibility of Wireless Charging

I would like to do wireless charging with my liberty air 2 and Samsung EP-P1100 wireless charger but it doesn’t work. From the spec both of them support Qi standard. EP-P1100 can charge my Samsung phone and my Samsung phone can do PowerShare (reverse wireless charging) to my liberty air 2. Not sure if it is a compatibility issue between liberty air 2 and Samsung wireless charger?

Sometime it may be an issue with the cable or plug. I would try to change them. Unsure if it may be better to discuss this on the Samsung community as it is a different product than Anker. I would not think the brand should have issue but as stated it may be the spec of it, a bad cable or power supply

Hey there, as we test at our side, it can work well with Samsung EP-P1100 wireless charger. Is your liberty air 2 be charged properly by other chargers? Does it only happen on EP-P1100? Or just drop an email to and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Thanks for your comments. Let me summarize here.

Samsung EP-P1100 and Samsung Note20U --> works properly.
Samsung EP-P1100 and Liberty Air 2 --> doesn’t work.
Samsung Note20U (reverse wireless charging) and Liberty Air 2 --> works properly.
Liberty Air 2 charging through USB --> works properly.

Because I only have Samsung EP-P1100 wireless charger on hand, I only tested the reverse wireless charging by Samsung Note20U.

Hey there, may I know the wall charger and cable which connected to your Samsung EP-P1100 wireless charger?

Hi Yimi,

It’s Samsung EP-TA20JBS charger and Xiaomi USB-C cable.

Hi Tony, we test Samsung EP-TA20JBS charger and Anker USB-C cable, it works properly. Perhaps there is compatible issue with Xiaomi USB-C cable, do you have a different USB-C cable?

Hi Yimi,

The issue is not on the wall charger or cable, it’s between the wireless charger and earbud case.
My Samsung EP-TA20JBS and Xiaomi USB-C cable can work with my earbud case properly.

Hi Tony, okay, our programmers will try to reproduce the issue you mentioned and locate the root issue caused.