Compatible BT transmitter

Can anyone recommend a BT transmitter that is compatible with Liberty Air 2? I have one with just the basic buttons (no screen) and connecting the earbuds is extremely difficult and unreliable. I think this is because the way they pair and there’s no option to choose “pair” like you would on a phone screen.

If you want this BT transmitter for a pc, then you may use this:
Maxuni Dongle Bluetooth 5.0, Adapter Bluetooth pour PC, Compatible Windows 10/8.1/8/7

It contains the Rockwell Bluetooth 5.0 chip and works fine with Liberty Air 2.

I have not used transmitter but do want to grab a transmitter/receiver for my Zune. @Aileen7 may can try to look at what Anker have. I would say just to buy it if you can from a company that you can trust.