Comply foam tips for liberty pro 2

Had anyone tried comply tips with the liberty pro 2? I’m curious if there’s a model that fits in the buds and in the case.

Not sure what you mean by comply tips?


@Loz these

The benefit of them is that they are very comfortable, and provide great noise isolation- which helps with sound quality.

From what I gathered from @Tank the eartips includes with the liberty 2 pro are hybrid eartips, which are virtually the same, but have a little more durability to them.

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From what I gathered from @Tank the eartips includes with the liberty 2 pro are hybrid eartips, which are virtually the same, but have a little more durability to them.
Correct, the liberty 2 pro comes with a variety of tips, some are your basic silicone and others are the hybrid which I prefer. These use a solid central core with a soft silicone outer part. Works just as good as comply foam and last longer too

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Interesting. can help us on this :slight_smile:

Did we ever consider foam tips? Can you give some info behind the choices we made for the tips? Interesting topic for the Collective :slight_smile:

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These foam tips look more comfortable.
I never tested those.

Because I get problems with that usual silicone ones, I should give those a try.
But I suppose those foam tips will not last as long.

Correct, most people do not do this but its recommended to change your comply foam tips every 3 to 4 months. Their composition starts to break down and they dont hold up as well to daily use

Foam tips are good but not for repeated use. After few uses they tend to loose their integrity and may become solid and less comfy.
These look similar to what we use as earplugs in factories as PPE, but they are disposable. Not sure these one’s shown may be more durable.


And they are quite expensive as far I have seen!

A pair of Comply tips average $15 on Amazon. Problems are;

  1. Need to know barrel size as every ear bud has different size tips to fit over
  2. Degrade over time.

I am finding the hybrid is workable over silicone only. Silicone only hurt my ears over time not so much with the hybrid version once I figured out which tip was different than the others in the package

Comply tips commonly cause earbuds to stick out further from ear so the wing tips may not fit correctly with Comply or other brand tips of similar foam nature.

Glad you figured which were the hybrid tips. I have always switched my standard silicone tips for the hybrid ones. Even got them to work with ankers other earbuds and got them to fit into the case, See Here

Which ones are the hybrid ones? Some tips have red, some just black, and I couldn’t tell the difference between them.

FWIW, I find the earwings really uncomfortable, so I removed those but once removed it leaves a kind of sharp edge that I find very uncomfortable for extended wear. Seems like a design flaw.

The ones with red solid center are the hybrid tips.
And you could always just cut off the wing part but leave the sleeve in place so the little nub doesn’t hurt your ear

I have a pair of Comply True Grip Pro coming Tuesday with my Liberty 2 Pros. They are for a different model but are designed specifically for true wireless earbuds and I think they might work from checking close up photos. If not I’ll get some measurements and contact Comply because I hate silicon eartips.

Just curious, what do you hate about them?

My ear canals don’t ever get a good seal with silicon. I have well over 2 dozen pair of in-ear phones and none have a silicon tip that seals properly in both my ears, with s/m/l I’m lucky if I can get one ear to seal properly, I guess my ear canals are not quite symetrical. I’m gonna give the hybrid tips a try, they may be a little better for getting a seal than the flimsy silicon most sub $100 phones come with, and having M+ and L+ means I might have a pair that seals in both ears. I work around a lot of loud machines (110db) so if I don’t get a perfect seal I hear almost nothing.

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Since you work around heavy machinery, I would recommend you get some tritip eartips similar to these

They come in a wide range of sizes and widths to suit your needs. These are also what some commercial manufacturing plants use for noise isolation, but with the center sealed or chambered to reduce acoustics.

Alternatively you can look up skull screws, which is similar but also helps reduce outside noise due to its design…just a heads up if you get these, it is best to wet them slightly before putting them 8nto your ear as it allows for a better seal

With… saliva?

Water or saliva, your choice. I have seen people use water or saliva, either it’s just as effective.

I remember 1 girl I worked with use to use her hair gel, she said once it dried those bad boys weren’t going anywhere. Grossed me out because I couldn’t imagine putting hair gel into my ear canal, not to mention it sounds painful to remove

Just thought I’d update, True Grip Pro from Comply fit the Liberty 2 Pro perfectly. I can’t speak for the seal since I don’t have any medium until Friday. The hybrid tips actually get a pretty good seal, far better than any others I’ve tried. I’m gonna grab a pair of the tritip next paycheck and see how they work out at work, Comply tips are nice but fall apart way to fast for the cost.