Comply foam tips for liberty pro 2

Do they still fit in the case with the comply foam tips?

Yep. The True Grip Pro have a recessed core so they are almost exactly the same size and shape as the included tips. The largest fits without any deformations of the foam, which can be an issue with other cases.

Thanks for sharing. I contacted Comply and they said their engineers haven’t tested the Liberty 2 Pro yet, but they recommend their Smartcore tips for untested earbuds. Like you I thought the Liberty Air ear tip mount (which the True Grip Pro fits) looked just like the Liberty 2 Pro.
Please let us know what you think of durability. I saw on Amazon a lot of reviews where people loved the comfort, but found the tips got torn up after a week or two. I’ve used other Comply tips with ISOTunes Xtra earbuds and found 3-4 months is about how long those lasted.

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The last set of earbuds I used with comply tips, Advanced Model X, came with an incredibly tiny case. This was great for pocket-ability and it had a ton of extra charge but it was designed with eartips that are literally a third of the length of the tips that come with most earbuds. The largest was like 2 mm deep. This left little room for any third party tips in the case so both silicon tips from other earbuds I own and the comply tips would be deformed when you closed the case. I was able to get about a month and a half of daily use from each comply tip since only use one earbud when I’m working. With proper case clearance I would say they should last about twice that long.

One final post. I received my comply tips today and they don’t fit as well as I had hoped. If I used a separate set of headphones first then put them on the tips they are fine but just putting them on straight slightly tears the foam away from the core. All the pairs I already had had been used on other headphones and I didn’t think about the core being slightly stretched in the process. I guess true grip are a hair to small unless your can strech the core slightly before install.

The seal was far worse than the include hybrid tips and bass response was much lower. The twist method you use to put these headphones in just doesn’t work well with this style eartip for me, they don’t seem to want to expand properly once they are seated.

I’m gonna try ordering some tritip and spintips in a few weeks so I’ll start a new thread if I feel they are worth reviewing. Personally, even though comply tips have been my go to for over a year, I honestly can’t recommend them for this model.

Tritips are working good for me, sadly they dont fit the case and I have to remove them everytime. Luckily mine came with their own case so they are not just sitting loose in my pocket

Bummer, I thought you already had yours working. I bought a set with three sizes, and can’t get them on the Liberty 2 Pros at all. I think I’ve managed not to damage them, so I’m going to return them and try ordering the Smart core tips recommended by Comply for untested earbuds.

Have a look at Comply TS-500 and S-500 tips as they fit the Liberty Pro 2 perfectly and are comfortable.

They also fit in the charging case.

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Comply SmartCore report: Both Audio Pro & Smart Pro fit the earbuds perfectly. However, case issues… Audio Pro won’t allow the case to close at all without smashing, and presumably tearing up the tips. Sport Pro almost fits in the case… when you open the case the tips are flattened a little at the ends. Also when you put the 2nd earbud in the case, the tips push on each other, interfering with the easy magnetic connection. Probably usable, but not quite just right.
@JimK - What sizes of the TS-500 and S-500 (Sx-500?) are you using that fit in the charging case?

The TS-500 are medium size
The S-500 are large size

Interesting… according to Comply’s website, the Sx-500 medium is the same dimensions as the SmartCore Sport Pro (which I called Smart Pro incorrectly once above). The Sx-500 large should be bigger, as is the TS-500. I went ahead and ordered some cheap small foam tips, and will try them out tonight. If they’re no better, I’ll probably end up sticking with the SmartCore Sport Pro, as they’re close enough to fitting in the case that it’s probably worth dealing with the tight fit to have more comfort.

Just for German people reading here. Just tried Inairs and they fit the liberty 2 pro perfectly only I find them sticking a bit out of the ear and this might jeopardize the hold probably. I could not test them yet a longer period of time but will give it a try soon

There are some NEW Comply TrueGrip Pro ear tips for the Liberty 2 Pro!

I don’t know since when they had these new TrueGrip Pro, but it should be just recently released.
Did by chance anybody already tried out these ear tips?


Oh nice. I’ll have to get a pair soon.

I work in factories regularly, with in ear earplugs I anyways end up with an ear infection eventually. So I have a good pair of ear muffs, they work much better.

One of the many reasons I tend to dislike in ear headphones. I don’t need extra time with stuff inside my ear.

They have to fit in the charging box.
They say they do, but who knows?

I’ll order a pair next week and let you guys know.

I just ordered them but it’ll take a while to ship to Germany. :wink:
I think they’ll fit in the case because the shape looks pretty similar to the original ear tips.

I finally got my new Comply ear tips and I have mixed feelings about these. My first batch where medium sized ones but they were too small. Thanks to the Guaranteed Fit Program I got some large ones for no extra costs (except shipping costs).

Pros :heart_eyes:

  • Guaranteed Fit Program with fast and good support
  • Fit in the case without any issues, even the large sized ones
  • Stick better in my ears and don’t fall out easily
  • A little more comfortable, not as much as I hoped for, but still noticeable

Neutral :thinking:

  • Good sealing, maybe a tiny bit better than standard ear tips or maybe not
  • Honestly, I can’t tell if the sound is better or just equally good

Cons :unamused:

  • Usually don’t fit immediately, need 2 to 3 tries
  • Need to be stuck deeper in my ears
  • Need to be very careful when removing from buds
  • High cost (including shipping costs when ordering from Europe)

Would I buy these ear tips again? Nope :neutral_face:
In my case they were not worth the money, especially with the shipping costs from the US to Germany, 13$ tips + 5$ shipping. I definitely like the more comfortable fit and the equal sound quality, but that’s it. It’s a little bit annoying to need a few tries until they fit. Without transparency mode implemented (yet) Comply tips and the L2P are a bad combination.
I’ll keep them and will use them daily. Maybe they’ll get better when used more often. :wink:

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Thank you for telling us your neutral opinion.