Comply Truegrip Pro replacement tips for L3P

This is just my quick review of Comply Truegrip Pro (TW-200-A) memory foam replacement tips. I only found out about these after reading @RaphStarr’s review here.

I accidentally purchased a set of the small size, when I meant to purchase the mixed size (my fault, it was a slip of the mouse, and I didn’t check the order before clicking the buy now button at checkout). When they arrived, I gave them a try and the fit wasn’t too bad, but I felt that a larger size may be better, as they didn’t feel totally secure in my ears. I went to the Comply Foam website to see if there was any way they could be returned, and to my surprise I found that they have a ‘Guaranteed Fit Program’, where they say ‘If the size you choose doesn’t stay put, let us know and we’ll provide a credit so you can find the right size. If you need help finding the right size, we’ve got your back. (And your ears.)’. Yay!

I had purchased my replacement tips from the UK Comply Foam website and didn’t see any mention of the guaranteed fit program there, so I reached out to them about what I had seen on the US website. They got back to me the very next morning and told me that they do honour the guaranteed fit program and refunded me instantly. I then decided it might be better to purchase a mixed size pack so I could try the different sizes.

Within a couple of days, I had a new delivery and tried out the medium and large sizes. The Medium were slightly better than the small, both are actually not a bad fit if I am not moving around much, but the large size offer the best fit for me. I can safely wear my L3P’s without them falling out, or even feel like they are falling out (which with the standard silicon tips, I felt like I was adjusting the buds 3 or 4 times on a 1-hour-long dog walk). Since replacing the silicon with the Comply Foam tips, I haven’t had the need to adjust the buds at all on my walks. This is a major bonus.

The other big bonus is that the memory foam tips seem to be less irritating to my ears. The silicon tips make my ear canals itch (I think I may have a slight allergy to the silicon), whereas, with the memory foam tips I am not experiencing the same itching.

Onto the sound quality… I have said many times before that I am no audiophile, but I found that the memory foam tips dulled the sound ever so slightly, but by adjusting the EQ in the Soundcore app, I managed to get back to a sound that I liked and was happy with.

Overall I can honestly say that I am quite impressed by these replacement tips, even though they are on the slightly expensive side. I believe that the price is worth it for the extra ‘stay in my ears‘ security they offer. Time will tell how long they last before I have to replace them again, and I will have no qualms in dealing with Comply Foam UK again, as their customer service has been excellent.


Appreciate the share. I know several who talk about using memory foam type tips

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I’m 100% with you- from the stability, sound, and itchiness. I’ve moved to comply foam tips with almost all my earbuds. If you like sound and comfort, they’re totally worth it. Just keep in mind you’ll be relaxing then more often than silicone tips.

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Thanks for putting in the effort to share this experience.

Question to Soundcore - why don’t you include this different tip in your package for future buds?

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Thanks for your post. I might be helpful

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Very cool to see some feedback for alternate tips. Wonder how their longevity will be?

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I’ll post back here with an update once I have used them for a while :wink:

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I don’t think foam tips last very long (IIRC I think I heard 2 months of normal use) @TheSnarkyOne .

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