[Concept] Soundcore Portal - A great Portable Audio/Music Player

Function: Audio Player
Features: Audio Player, Date, Clock, FM Radio, AUX Port, Bluetooth, SD or Micro SD Card Slot, Equalizer, aptX/atpXHD
Not Sure Features: Small built-in speaker (phone-like), Step counter, Clip, Microphone, DAC(?), e.t.c
Size: About 2.25 x 3.9 x 0.5 in or less
Weight: 4 oz or less
Display: LED, OLED, or TFT
Supported Files: .mp3, .wac, .flac, .m4a, .wma, .ape(?), .alac(?), .aiff(?), .dsd(?)
Bluetooth Version: 5.0 or higher
Controls: Touchscreen or
Menu------/\ -------- I>/||
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------<<----\ /---->>------

It would be pretty cool to see this!

@Loz @Hannah


May be All this can be accomplished by Wakey 2 :+1::crossed_fingers: (may be remove the wireless charging)

Cool idea!

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I’m thinking more of an mp3 player/walkman type thing.

It needs AptX and AptxHD support. Why would it need an AMOLED display lol. It’s just for music haha.

I would say an LCD panel would be sufficient

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Done. :+1:

If you want a music player only a simple display will do.
But all of the modern phones do that what you have specified.
Do you really think such one will sell?

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hmmmm interesting thought

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There is a huge market for DAPs to be honest. However, they’re all on the expensive side and only real big audiophiles go for them.

Would be cheaper to go for an external DAC and connect it to a phone and you’d get the same sound then depending on the source files.

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I will be honest here, this will be a very tough sell as a portable device, knowing that all users already have some expensive iPhone or OnePlus or Samsung smartphone with them… with music player and lot of Bluetooth options on them.

Apple already has iPod touch, they can add ALL of these in a next upgrade,

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Well, apple won’t add aptX or any other codecs besides AAC.

But there are better DAPs out there.

Why do you say that?

Because aptX is a Qualcomm thing. It requires a Qualcomm SoC.

Apple uses their own chips.

Apple could switch. They have used Qualcomm chips and antennas in their phones before. My phone has a Qualcomm antenna.

Also Apple and Qualcomm are currently working together to make a 5g phone (Qualcomm announced this the other day). So it wouldn’t be weird to see them have more and more partnerships, as they’re mutually beneficial

Literally no apple device has aptX. I highly doubt they’ll be supporting it at any point in the future, if anything they’d just make their own HQ Bluetooth codec and only allow airpods to use it.

Not true. The newer macs have AptX support

Oof. Apple is real weird when it comes to their Mac’s. Or I suppose more so when it comes to the iPhone.

Ain’t that the truth :roll_eyes:

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The macs have at least stayed somewhat open in certain areas. The iPhone is a lot more painful.

Indeed. Now if only Apple could make a MacBook Pro that didn’t break every three months.

Do you have one that breaks or something?

All of my closest friends have MacBooks and they have had them working perfectly for years. I’ve always thought of them as being super durable and having a longevity, but I’ve never owned one.