Concern about battery kept fully charged

Hi all.

I believe I’m not the only one who has learned that the best level of battery power for longevity is between 20% and 80%. (You see where I’m going?)

For my Liberty 2 Pro, when the buds are inside the case they’re always charged to max and kept fully charged at all times. Is that… a concern? Would that be a problem?

I think mine is more that my case is starting to lose charge. I had recently charged it and I took it off after it sat there with three dots. I got busy at work and it seems that the case is already going back down to 2 dots. It could have meant that I did not leave it there long enough or my case is losing battery life. :frowning:

That’s a very good point. I had never thought of it.

@Professor @kumar.sachin what do you guys think of this? (You both know more about battery’s and such then me).

It is true that li ion battery wear drastically reduces when charged to 80% or less but it is not practical for something like earbud case. I would not worry too much as most likely you will not use it all the time till 0%. During regular use you will use it for partial cycles which will make them last for years.
My suggestion is use it as you find suitable and enjoy and don’t worry about battery :slight_smile:

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I’m not talking about the case though. The case I could at least control how long I’d like to charge it and at what battery level to charge it again. My main concern is the earbuds, as I have no control over how much the case charges them, and the case always charges them to max.

I take care to keep my phone’s battery between 20% and 80%, but not being able to do anything about it for my L2P makes me worry, and I doubt something such as a pair of true wireless earbuds has batteries that could be replaced. I don’t think they could be (because once you cut them open they’re gone), and that’s very much a waste because everything else would still be functioning perfectly.

And… Anker is a company that’s supposedly very good with batteries, right? :eyes:

Oh yeah… whenever I charge my case wirelessly, the bottom of the case would always get SO HOT!!! It seriously feels like I could partially cook an egg right there. Is that normal?

Did you use a lot of your buds before putting them back in the case? I mean, did your case’s battery drop due to charging your buds? If you charged your case to 3 dots stable (not blinking) with your buds INSIDE it all the while, and it dropped to 2 dots just like that, something is certainly wrong. :no_mouth:

Nope. I had them sitting there. I had charged them and then left them at the desk. I had been busy a few day and it started showing 2 bars now when I checked on them. I try to listen while I am working but I had lots of meetings so I did not use them for a few days

Even if you left them there for a few days without using it shouldn’t have dropped to 2 dots. So I guess… the battery life could have reduced a bit. :confused:

Gah… this is what I’m most worried about when it comes to anything bluetooth.